Zagros, the lofty mountain range, the unfailing stronghold of Medes and the invulnerable western border guards of Persia, has embraced Kurdistan, the land of snow calls in the solitude of valleys. One needs to be a traveler to know how the Kurds have survived and still live in such cold valleys. You need to be a traveler but a reflective one and not a quick wanderer.

Doulaw (Doulab), a mount connected village, is located on a beautiful mountain named Awalan in the East River of Hewramanat Gaweh and 45 kilometers of Southwest of Sanandaj to Kamyaran.

The structure of the buildings in this village looks like tiered structure houses in Howraman Takht which is very much eye catching. Hewraman means the territory land of Ahura Mazda, where is safe from harms of Ahriman. watching the mesmerizing views of the mountain surely visualizes this idea of Good and Evil.  Introducing and presenting this much of beauty and wonder is our objective.

Based on this perspective, we established an Ecotourist house in Doulab and named it Tishk. It symbolizes light and hope that are Kurdish equivalent for the word. We are hoping to have the help of the people who were and are willing to accompany us in showing and getting known subjects such as unique Khoshke Chini architecture- kind of house making with adobe- delicate living flora, Persian rituals, flavor of simple and organic food, handcrafts etc. more and more.

We intend to provide a situation for the visitors to share the indigenous life of Kurd people, to taste their food, to wear their colorful and vibrant clothing, to listen to their folk music and relax for a while. You will have eye contact with people whose eyes shed light and kindness.

We care about culture of this land and we aspire to learn and to know more. The opportunity to achieve this perspective is offered by the village to us through people with ages of lived experience and knowledge of life. All this are meant to propagate simplicity, beauty and kindness. Let’s enrich our time reading a couplet by great Molana.

Cleans sorrow off your soul/ delicate is the image of that god of chivalry